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Streetcars of Winnipeg-

Our Forgotten Heritage


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With all our modern conveniences, the days of horse-drawn carts and streetcars seem a world away. Yet, those who lived and shaped those distant days are still with us and willing to tell their tales. Over sixty years ago, Brian K. Darragh was still driving a streetcar: the very last in service. Now he recounts his experiences in The Streetcars of Winnipeg - Our Forgotten Heritage. Darragh uses a holistic approach to history, using the streetcar as the baseline for the progress of technology that reshaped Winnipeg and eventually left the streetcars – and their drivers – behind.
Full of fascinating photos, The Streetcars of Winnipeg - Our Forgotten Heritage, published through FriesenPress, recounts nearly 73 years of Winnipeg's history through the streetcar service. This focused perspective recreates a history of Canada's third-largest city at the turn of the century, through the Great Depression, and into the modern era. Winnipeg's history is rich and complex, but in the rush of progress, the foundations that enabled it to prosper have largely been forgotten. With the last of the streetcar drivers now into their nineties, Darragh offers the last first-hand account of the impact of the streetcar on over 150,000 citizens.


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